Mixoff - Vocal Dance

This is a new song i made last week.
SPORT - Sunday Party

23 tracks(wave 16/44). tempo is 142 bpm.
RAR is 44,4 mb. (244 mb after unRAR).

raw mix with no eq and compressor https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/sunday%20party%20%28raw%20mix%29.mp3?w=972ce71c

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Wrong link, SPORT  ;)

UPD: dropbox link
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No workie.... :(
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Hi i mixed your project .pleand listen it  and send me your advices www.uploadmusic.org/MUSIC/1010281318509238.mp3
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Cool song but I don't like the original mix. What country is the singer from? Is she Scandinavian?

Here's my mix.


(Just reread the OP. I guess you're the artist, and I see it wasn't really a mix)
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please upload your mix