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Hey Guys,

I am new here and new to mixing in general (less than 6 months mixing experience). I am currently working on my Master's Thesis in a European University. 
My thesis is titled "Towards Automatic Reverb for Production Oriented Multi-track Audio Mixing". 
I have developed a couple of mathematical algorithms that attempt to add the right amount of Reverb to the tracks in a multi-track mix. The input to the algorithm are pre-processed tracks (balance, compressed, filtered and panned; with self referential circular improvements), and the algorithms then decide the send fader gain settings for a long and short reverb. 
I then compare these results to a track created by a professional mixer setting the same send fader gain settings according to his mixing experience and preferences.

The problem is that my mixing skills are not developed enough for me to be able to pre-process the tracks properly. I wanted to ask if someone could provide me pre-processed stems to mixes they already have. Stems which are "dry" but pre-processed for loudness and spectral balance, panned and compressed appropriately. 

I can also provide a GUI reverb addition setup, with a long and a short reverb, which you can use to add an appropriate amount of Reverberation for final comparison with the tracks reverberated by my algorithms. 

Please let me know if you can help! I will be eternally grateful. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about my proposed work.


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What constitutes "self referential circular improvements?" I am curious.