Vintage Reverb

I've been really struggling for a few years trying to recreate Vintage Reverb sounds using Valhalla Plate, or any other assorted plugins.
Most the advice I find online is aimed toward the more modern, and probably cleaner sounding, recordings. I'm looking more to recreate
the big lush sound of 1960's country and just not finding the right predelay (i use 1/32 matched to the bpm), eq's ( i use a big frown), and decay times.
I've tried running the whole mix to the verb in the master buss, I've tried individual track inserts... really I've tried it all.
I even got ahold of Bob Ohllson who used to work at Motown in the 60's but he could only really give me information on how they did it in the analog/hardware world.

Anyone out there got the kind of ears that can hear what settings someone might be using just by listening to a song?
I chose a new artist who is able to get a really nice vintage vibe country reverb, but maintain a fairly clear mix and a fuller spectrum audio than some of the earlier 60's recordings.
** if this link doesn't work its for Zephaniah Ohora's "I Do Believe I've Had Enough", but really anything from the late 60's by Conway Twitty, Buck Owens, or Merle Haggard would also be a good reference.

Any help anyone can share, even if its just your experienced best guess would be greatly appreciated

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Gosh, I wish my hearing and knowledge was good enough to be able to do that. I feel for you, Liam. I hope someone will eventually show up and be able to help you! In the meantime, keep trying bro.
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Hey man my advice is putting an EQ/Filter BEFORE the reverb. What I would use is an EQ that has both a High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter. Experiment with both filters until you get a sound you like. A good example is Abbey Road would always use a HPF and LPF BEFORE the chain in their echo chamber. I believe they would HPF at 600hz and LPF at 12khz. Hope this helps!

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I'm looking to buy Vintage Reverb as well.