Nine Inch Nails remix site

For those of you who are Nine Inch Nails fans, or just want more tracks to work on, the band has multitracks of several songs available, along with a mechanism for sharing the results:

You have to register there to get access, and I'm not certain about sharing your mix here, but you can upload it there, then link to it from here, for the purpose of discussion. Your profile and mixes can be linked to like this: - just replace "username" with your username.

You can start a new thread on with a particular song as the subject, if you like. Anyone with ideas or links to other bands sharing multitracks can post here or create new threads. Maybe designate these threads as 'Off Site' or some such thing to indicate that you have to join another site to participate.


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Cool - I had heard about this but forgot about it completely

Thanks John
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I realize this is an old post but thanks! I've seen/heard about this before but wasn't interested in mixing much then and had kind of forgotten about it.

I didn't know the extent to which it had grown either, and I even found multitracks of Saul Williams songs there :)