Multitracks needed for research project

Hey guys, I'm a music producer and mixing engineer from London, UK. I am currently in the process of completing my Masters degree and for my major project I am conducting a study on mixing sonic signatures. I am in need of multitracks/stems from independent artists that I can mix for my project portfolio. The tracks are only going to be used for research purposes and won't be published anywhere and in return the artist gets a free mix which they are welcome to use if they so wish.

I am specifically looking for Country, Country/Pop music to mix, as I am specialising in this genre here in the UK.

If anyone has any multitracks available other than what I have already found on this forum and would want to share them with me I would be forever grateful.

Thanks, Drea

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Hi Drea
I have a project that you could help me with, I am not a great vocalist so dont worry about vocals but the overall mix needs a lot of work. How can I send to you. I use Protools.
Jim D
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Hi, i want to help but i have little knowledge in music
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The various multi-tracks links on this site are mainly from the above link. There are plenty more over there. Check it out.

It is by far the best collection of multi tracks to practice mixing. Thanks to Mike Senior from the SOS magazine.