Fear Reality (Changing Tides)


I tried to remix a metal core song from the band Changing Tides:


The original mix can be found here:

Any comments are welcome,

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Hey, here's my comment on the mix:
The drums sound too raw to my taste: kinda dry kick and snare, almost mono'ed cymbals (the sound mostly in the center). The cymbals are pretty harsh on the highs as well.
The guitars are OK.
The bass has some honky mids. Rather punky, then metal tone.
Regarding the vocals, I suggest panning the main screams more to the center, since it's a leading part. The backing growls fit pretty nice, being panned on the sides.

Any chance to get these multitracks?
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Hi quemtri,

Thanks for the feedback. I closed the project thus I will not work on it anymore.

This song is written by the band Changing Tides: https://www.facebook.com/changingtidesband

I have asked their permission to share the raw tracks: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/byeef4d8ohxzusu/AAA4BPueNSGSrJuFI_DE_l9Ca?dl=0

Let me know if there are any problems with accessing the audio files. If you make a new mix I will be happy to listen to it. Thanks and enjoy,

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@Antoine thank you so much! 
I'm familiar with the band and do like their music, so that would be great to try mixing one of the guys' songs.