Watch Tutorials or just try to build something?

Hello everyone. I have a question. Is it even worth continuing to watch tutorials, or is it better to just try to build something and just accept that you won't know how to easily do it and will struggle through it.

I feel like I'm stuck in this loop where I keep finding tutorials on building cool things but I don't ever do anything for myself. Not only does this mean that I don't build my own stuff but also tend to forget what I learned in the videos anyway.

Almost seems like the videos are hampering my progress but for some reason I just keep gravitating back to them.

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I would suggest to just throw your self in the deep end and use your ears  :)

At first you will struggle, then you will end up with mixes that sound amazing to your ears, but when you wake up the next morning, it will sound like absolute garbage.  :P This is all part of ear training and learning and figuring out how your ears/listening works for mixing, how long can 1 session last. 

The most important thing I've learned was from comparing my mixes with the mixes made by the best in the business.
I load my favourite tracks alongside my tracks in the DAW, and used stock EQ the master bus to aggressively cut all frequencies except for the range I wanted to perfect, then listen to similar parts of the song in my mix and song in the reference mix.

I also used bx-solo plugin by "Plugin Alliance" (Free), and compared stereo imaging of my favourite mixes.

Cheers, you'll get there
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You will NEVER learn programming if you just look at someone doing it. It's the same as trying to learn drawing by watching others speed paint or learn riding a bike by reading a book. You might pick up some concepts and maybe even understand something once you are more experienced but the only way to learn this is to build stuff on your own and experiment with freshly acquired knowledge, bending it to fit a different purposes that you see fit.

If you are getting too distracted by a video then books are also an option, they are also easier to read again in case you didn't get something or find a specific piece of info (rather than look over 10 different videos for a single sentence).
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Didnt expect to get a direct answer so soon! Thank you!