Oskarbillboard - Salamander Tuesday Mixoff

Here's a silly tune I wrote for fun. Kinda catchy and just flat out stupid. 121 bpm. Rearrange it, sample replace it, I don't care what ya do. Have fun mixing.


Here's my quick mix. Levels are a little messed up.


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Thanks Loon. This needs L.O.V.E.

I'll see what's in my locker...
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Here you go:

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WOW! :o That was truly amazing. Absolutely loved the bass especially in the bridge. Also loved the noise during the chorus. May I ask what you used for each?

The mix is definitely way more alive than mine. How long did it take?
Hi Loon, and thanks for the compliment.

It took me since about 11:20 am until 12:17 pm according to the ProTools session file modification times. 57 minutes.

This is basically wha... (read more)
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PS my 4 year old loves the song...
Hah! Awesome. Thanks for the explanation as well. Very detailed. Amazing how such little processing can lead to such a great mix.

So you didn't use a single EQ? That's amazing.
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No more mixes coming in? Suppose it's too odd. I'll see what I can to do to make a tune less strange.
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That is funny. Enjoyed it. The answer is 42.
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that's a fun tune. if i was less busy  (=lazy) i would give the mix a shot

peace be with you mofos
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Here's my mix. My PT mixer windows looks a bit different to noeqplease's (see attached "SalamanderTuesday-MixWindow.jpg").
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Nice mix as usual RiF.  Liked the distorted sounding vocals a lot.  The kick sounds mid heavy, but I suppose that is common with tracks of similar genre.

I liked the bass synth as well.  It remains a strong element in the mix, however, it is not 'in your face' at all.  This was very well done.  Doing things such as this is always a difficult task for me.

I liked the gated synth that created a quick note in between the kicks during the verses.  It really seems to make the track move along and keep it interesting. 

The track sounds really dancey. Well done.
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Haha this is a funny one, gonna give it a shot and be very experimental with it :)