Young Griffo 'Blood To Bone': Mix Competition Poll

Here's a link to all five shortlisted mixes in the Young Griffo 'Blood To Bone' contest:

Young Griffo 'Blood To Bone' -- Mix Competition Shortlist

Please note: I've worded this poll question carefully, because I would like everyone to try to think from the band's perspective here if they can -- after all, that's what you'd have to do if the band were your paying client.

For the purposes of the poll I've anonymised the file names so that those who wish to can compare the mixes 'blind' -- but clearly it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out which is which if you want to!

I've also adjusted the gain of the five mixes to roughly loudness-match them (with the help of Tischmeyer Technology's off-line TT Dynamic Range Meter), just so you don't have to keep fiddling with your monitor level. However, for the most worthwhile comparisons, you should import the WAVs into your DAW and more accurately loudness-match them by ear for yourself. (All files have been dithered to 16-bit WAV format following gain adjustment to avoid any further data compression.)

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Just locked this poll, because it seems to have run its course -- and I wanted to free up the hosting space for the shortlist files on my Library page. You can still listen to the shortlist on the Great 'Blood To Bone' Mixoff archive page, though.
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Hi Triviul.
I stumbled across the wave files so thought I'd give it a Mix.
Here is my Mix of "Facade".
Great song by the way!

I'd love your thoughts on my Mix.