Mixing new rock band with headphones

I started to mix a new rock band with NEW pair of headphones which still sounds strange in a lot of ways to me. Tell me what you think.

Open Hihat could cut your ears probably, but that was only way to make it more dramatic and bright(I think)

And also at the end with synth parts there's a guitar part that is just awful, needs erasing.


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There is a lot of build up in the lower mids where the bass is concentrated. I also think the compression on the drums could be toned down (as you say, the open hat is very prominent). Watch out for upper mid harsh buildup on the overheads and cymbals (2k-5k). I like the compression on the guitar, very in your face and aggressive in a good way. 

Philosophically speaking, have some confidence in your work! Do not preface your mixes with your own critiques and rationalizations. Let your work speak for itself.