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This is a Reggae track I did a few months ago. Thought you guys might like a go at this. Enjoy...


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Could you plz attach an mp3 to the topic instead of an yousendit wav!, im on a 50mb conn. and its still slow as f***. :D

Did you record this!? if so your a god man! this is so well recorded its not even funny!... ;D
Glad you like it.

I posted a mp3 as you suggested...
Get a download accelerator. I use DownThemAll for FireFox.
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A file I forgot to drag into the folder:
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So here's the story behind this particular track. I was hired by 2 beat makers to mix their compilation album. The idea for their album was to feature many different artists here in Hawaii. Most of the music on their album was HipHop except for this track. The artist for this song is Kimie Minor and she wanted the song to have more feel to it. So the guys paid me to reprogram the original drum hits with a looser feel. For me it didn't do much. So I offered to reproduce the song how I felt it needed to be.

Here is the original and reproduced mastered mp3's: (Only up for 14 days)

I'm very lucky to be versatile in my musicianship and understand it as well. And I've been programming music since I was 15, I'm 31 now. Geez I'm feeling old...

Anyway the drums are programmed and from NI Modern Drums. I started off using Mixosaurus on this song but the sound ... (read more)
You did a fantastic job with it..!!!!!!
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Ok I did a mix of this today!.
Man what a beauty to mix! ;D thx for uploading!.
I havent heard Mattskis mix yet so I´ll take a listen later on when I come back.

Hope you like it... I did :D
*Edit* Now with Acc gt!...  :D
Glad you had fun with it!
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Ok im listening to your mix now Mattski and there seems to be missing an acoustic gtr track!. I can hear it in the ending and its not in the tracks I got from your download.
Anyway the original compaired to your production of the same song, is really nice I might say!. Very nice programming feels "played" great talent ;)
And your mix is all so spot on nothing to say about it other then keep it up.
I hope you will gift us with more of your productions as they are great to learn how to mix more detailed!.
Thx for sharing 8)
The track you're referring to is part of the acoustic guitar track (Ac Guitar.wav). I just double checked the session files I uploaded and it's there. Maybe you accidentally truncated it?

... (read more)
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Hmm thats odd the Acc track I got only has 2 parts of "finger picking" in the verses thats all there is on it... ???
There's actually two ac gt tracks. The one you're referring to in the verse's is the Nylon Guitar and that's the one I programmed. The Ac Guitar file is the one my friend played on the Collings. Do... (read more)
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Indeed you where right!, Dont know how I missed it.... ???
oh well all the same its good mixing practise :D
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Ok updated my mix post with a new mix with the Acc gt and a few tweaks.
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Ok I Had some ideas that I got from Listening to Peter Gabriels UP album that my mix idol Tchad Blake mixed. :P
So I finally found a plug in that does these mega wide phase beyond the speakers effects that I wanted on some of the keys/effects on this mix. I all so tweaked the bas mid range and subs and the snare to pop a little bit more.

Hope you like  :D
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Hiya guys,

Great project, had tons of fun with it...
This is what I came up with :

<a href="">Is This Love</a>

Great dynamics, totally love what you did to the bass, but perhaps a bit too upfront for my taste...
love the brittle stuff...

Again, Thanks Mattski for this upload!