Mixed with headphones

Hi all, in the midst of this pandemic, I had chanced upon a multi-track which I had tried mixing entirely using Ardour(DAW) and without editing, using only free plugins and a pair of headphones. (Actually, this is simply my home setup.) 

I would like to seek the professionals here what you feel about the mix as I am desperately looking for criticism and comments. 

Thank you in advance!!!


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Hi All,

Any comments? 

Thank you in advance!
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Not bad sounds good just put some mastering on it and your set.
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 Not bad sounds good just put some mastering on it and your set. 

Thank you! 

anything to improve on? thee is literally nothing on the master buss except a meter as I am trying to stay within the K14 standard....

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 it's up to what you prefer I dont have a meter on my master bus so I cant tell you anything about k14 or anything like that.  I just slapped a light compression, light eq, and a limiter on my master bus that peaks at -7 or -6db. I dont think you need anything else but it sounds great.