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Would anybody like to critique this mix for me? This is a great country track called "Thank you for breaking my heart".

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It sounds great but I feel you should bring the vocals up some, bring down the reverb a little more and add some warmth to the vocals. The J37 tape by Waves works good for that.
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Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply. I did add a Slate tape plugin to the vocal channels but I’ll try the J37. I’ll remix with your comments and see how it sounds.
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Sure keep me updated. 
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Updated the mix. Let me know your thoughts.

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Good mix. Seems a little flat, not a lot of stereo separation. Just my opinion. Good job though!
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It sounds great. I would recommend you bring a bit down the compressor on drums and master as I feel it a bit too much. Vocals on the updated mix sound great to me.
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That's better, sounds fuller and even a bit more up front.
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Work on your balance, use some references. I feel like there's not alot of clarity, snare feels very lost and quiet, clean up the lower end, good job! :)
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just listened to your updated one, getting there! sounds a little over compressed at times, drums could be a little louder still, vocal should be a little quieter and some more reverb and delay so it can sit a little better, getting there!, boost a bit of highs (5-10k) to bring some more presence out :)
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Sounds a lot/big difference good job my bro. If you don’t mine telling me if any of my changes helped out?