Looking for mix feedback

I really would appreciate any feedback on the quality of the mix.
I also already put it through landr.
Do you think it is ready to release?

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I say compress the snare some more. 
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That’s a good mastering. 
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The kick is too loud, there is a lot of midrange buildup from the synths. In some areas of the track there is a lot of 5k buildup that will be piercing at high volumes. 

I would say work on leveling properly.
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Many thanks to all the feedback.
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Not sure if its just this site, but the mixes I've listened to, including this one, are way too bright.  So much high end.  If you're mixing/mastering to -14dB LUFS for Spotify, a brighter high-end is fine, but not this bright.  I'm listening on flat-response headphones, and this mix is just too harsh, especially the snare.  Even at lower volumes, I'm inundated with super sharp highs and high-mids.  This mix could be more even by taming the top end, allowing the bottom to breathe on its own.  I like the track, without a doubt, but don't trust Landr to master your work; they're masters always seem harsh to me.  Good luck with the track, and thanks for the opportunity to listen to it.
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This one is complex.  The snare needs some bottom end and compression.  The kick need some beef.  The rest needs some EQ but sounds like daw mix.  If that's what you're working on, add plugins to make it sound like that's what you're not working on.  Tape sims for those vocal tracks, EQ the bass out of them.  Give them that overhead speaker kinda sound.  Add reverb to that to give them the room in the background.  Spread the music via pan.
I enjoyed the hell outta this and would love to mix the raw stems.