Mixing advice tips for concrete track

Can someone please give me tips? What should I do better in my mix? Thank u very much :)

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For one, turn the beat down and EQ the low mids with a low shelf and roll like 11-20 Khz off with a low pass filter. 
Then level your vocals to sit in the beat it all about your ears when mixing to get them two to sit perfectly together.  Hope this helps.
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Lots happening in the low lows. Maybe even high pass (i think willsvick meant high pass) up to 28 or 30.
Work on separation of kick and bass for more impact.

The vocals sound kind of boxy. Also try some parallel compression on the vocals to give them more body. Synths out on the sides are a bit too loud and the vocals are competing.
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The vocals need to be way more in my face. As a whole, the mix sounds too dark without a lot of air (10k and up) but too much upper mid frequencies (800-3k). 

I would say to listen to a reference and work on balancing the beat against the vocals. The goal with a rap track isn't just to make the bass huge, it's to engage your listener with the vocals too.
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Make snare louder, more high end on hats, more presence on the vocal, nice work !