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Initial reactions as I'm listening - main vocals need to come forward and need more body. They don't have much presence. Can't compete with kick and bass/808.
For the kick and bass I think some separation would be nice so you can hear them separately.

Adlibs and extra vocals could go out to the sides or just fill out more of the stereo field. Everything is kind of in the center.

If I set my monitor volume so that the vocals are a good level then the 808 is just a bit too overpowering. The plucky instruments can be panned out. Stereo width in general is really lacking in this mix.

Fall in Love:
Stereo width seems narrow on this as well, although a bit better
Lots of 10k and up sizzle happening. A bit too much from the cymbals and a bit much in the vocals too.
It's all a bit too bright.

Tonal balance - lots of highs and upper mids, not enough lows and low mids.

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Thanks man going to make some changes now.