My Chemical Romance "Planetary (GO!)" Remix Competition

Found this on My Chemical Romance's website (

"Simply go to the MCR soundcloud channel here, download the stems of the latest single "Planetary (GO!)" and create your own remixed version of the song.

When you have completed your remix simply drop it in the dropbox here."

It's a great chance to work with top level tracks, even if you don't like MCR. I'm having a blast just listening to the isolated stems. Yes, there are drum and backing vocal submixes here, so not really stems, but I think the download is worth even if just to take a peek at the original tracks, and I would love to hear some remixes :) (although I would like to know how the admin feels about uploading our mixes to the forum here)

Nevertheless, have fun ;)

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Cool, I'll check this one out!

I know CLA mixed some of their last album, good opportunity to hear what we can do with something similar!
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Ha - I'd really like to have a fiddle with these, but they seem to be unavailable for download any more. Did anyone get them, fancy yousending 'em? :) thank you!! :)
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I'm also interested in these, if someone wouldn't mind posting a download link!