Headphones Mixes again

I just mixed a track and would like to hear more comments and views for this mix.

I added just some 'boom' effects and a tiny bit of automation.

Please feel free to comments or criticize the mix. (I'm in for anything that can improve my mix)

Thank you in advance!!!


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Hey - listening on  my monitors now.

The drums feel quite tiny.. The guitars could use more low mids I think.. it just feels quite thin in general. They could also come up in the chorus.. there's not much lift in the choruses from the instruments.
The mix needs more body.

 Some of the vocals needs some tuning too, specially at about 2.07-2.08.

What songs are you using as references? Do they seem to have the same volume balance? I think that's the main issue here.

Would love to hear you tweaks!

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Drums sound way too harsh in the upper mids (snare has too much "crack", painful at high volumes). Guitar doesn't have much body and could use some beef. Vocals are too buried in effects and could use some compression to make them pop out of the mix/level them consistently. 

As a whole the mix is very concentrated in the upper mids and needs some mid information to make it sound fuller. I would say to reference a band like Pantera and listen to the relationship between instruments and vocals.