What do you guys think of my mixing?

Lmk what you think of my mixing? My goal was to level out everything so no instrument was over a other instrument (blended).

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Ey! I've mixed this song as well :) Bass is super punchy.. don't know if it's a bit too hard for this genre but personally I dig it. The vocals are really far away, drowning in there though. It needs to come up like 6dB or something. I'm wondering if you're mixing with headphones that boost the vocal range. Acoustic guitars could have a bit more brightness.

I'm very curious to know if you are using fairly bright headphones or monitors since there's a lot of low end here.
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Your kick is very prominent all the time. All hits feel like it's always the 1. If you want to keep the kick that dynamic, make it actually dynamic. Feel free to either compress with a long release, or draw some automation to make the 1 loud and 2, 3, 4 quieter. It's how 4/4 music is actually played Forte, piano, semi forte, Piano. (id honestly just compress it with a long release and turn it down a bit too)

2. main vocals are way buried. 

3. your interaction of main vocals with instrumentation but most importantly backing vocals is very reminiscent of what a performance would sound like without microphones. however in most cases our jobs as engineers, we like it or not is to create emphasis in certain elements despite how unnatural to real life that would be.

Going back to your goal of making everything audible I think you did a great job. I'm not honestly a fan of "balanced" mixes and everything clear all the time, cause the human brain can only focus on... (read more)
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Work on balancing the instruments together. It does sound very natural and pleasing, but recorded music shouldn't always sound exactly like a live performance; you have much more potential to bring out the sheen in each individual element. 

Vocals are drowned out everything else, it needs to be the heart of the song. Kick is way too prominent throughout, and there's some strange resonance/noise throughout. 
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soungs pretty fire too me but the girls vocal can be turned up a bit brotha
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The instruments sound clear.  The rhythm is tight.  I feel the vocals could be brought up further in the mix and be a little more predominant.  To bring your focus to the vocals instead of the slapping on the guitars.  Great work!  Happy mixing!