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I would like to get feedback on my mixing. Can someone please give me tips on what to improve or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!

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Something about your low end not clean and tight. but i like the balance of instruments 
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Work on getting your low end to sit in the mix without overwhelming. On a proper system with a sub it will be way too loud. Also make sure the vocals are as in your face as possible while meshing with the track. The sample could use some EQ cleanup to make sure it doesn't clash with the vocal.

I would say work on leveling.
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Vocals could be brought up some more. Keep working on those levels cause getting levels right can be hard, keep up the grind!
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FIRE BEAT. vocals need more work remove some low end , also try to compress a little less. try a fast attack fast release and no more than 3 d of reduction on the first compressor use at least 2 on the second one go a lil hard to add character but don't over do it , use your ears. 

Eq tip try some 8k boost and 16 -18 see how the vocals opens up, if it becomes to harsh remove some on the  1-2k god look if anything feel fee to email me the session ill mix/master it for $100 dollars 
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Vox are drowned by the excess low-mid frequencies , or is that reverb buildup?.. 
You'd need to lower the beat, Remove some low-mids, add 1k ramge eq boost to vox( 1-2db wide boost and sweep around 1khz-1.6k range until you hear the vox body increase. Balance your freqs better and everything will have a place and space in the mix.

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I'm late but the balance of the mix is actually really good. The sample is very well done and the drums sit great and has a great amount of bump. The problem is the vocal. The vocal needs to be eq'd to give it more bass in the voice and more highs. The vocal needs to be brightened a little at the top. Also, the voice seems a little stiff so it needs a little more body around the 150Hz-250Hz range. That should make the vocal fuller and sit better in the mix. Try this and let me know if it helps.
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Your on your way. Sounds like a little to much compression. Maybe you have a compression on the Master track or Summing Track because its trying to squash the bass when it hits but its making the whole track wolf(in and out)  like a subwoofer speaker. 
1. Try lowing the bass
2. Try raising the thresh hold on the compressor.  (let it breathe a little more)
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Give the clap/snare some more body. louder hi hats. maybe add a short reverb on the vocal, decent stuff though!