Mix for class. Any feedback appreciated!

Hi! I mixed this session for my class. Any feedback on how I could make it better would be appreciated!


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Needs compression to make each instrument pop out more. As a whole it is also not loud enough to compete with other mixes, and it's hard to distinguish elements as there is a lot of midrange buildup. Work on leveling/compression.
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Man, they didn't make it easy for you!  This is a great track.  First things first:  The bottom end is too chunky/muddy for me.  Just because things like bass and drums live in the basement, doesn't mean they have to sound like it.  I'd give them a little sprinkle of the upper floors to bring them to life.  Second, there sounds like there's some auto-panning going on.  It doesn't sound to me like there's a home for some of the instruments.  Everything is primarily up the middle with slight panning movement going on.  You might've wanted to set this up as if you were in the audience of a live performance, and panned accordingly.  It just feels like the tracks need more separation.  Third, the rhythm section should be the prominent focus here, and I don't hear that.  The keyboards will float in and out, but your constant is the rhythm section.  Set them and forget them.  It anchors the listener so they can experience everything else around them with ease.  I studied under a world-clas... (read more)