Class Mixing Project - Seat Back

Feel free to leave comments and critique! The song is Seat Back by The Penniless Wild downloaded off Cambridge. This was a lab project for my university mixing class. 

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As a whole the mix is nicely balanced and not too concentrated in one area, but it could do with a lot of compression work to make individual elements pop out of the mix. The stereo bus also needs some compression/limiting to maximize the dynamic range and make it louder. 
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Hannah, great job!  A couple things:

First, I love your panning technique (i.e., carving space in the beginning for the vocal by slightly off-setting the guitar to the left) and it slowly makes its way to left throughout the that!  Second, the kick drum sounds like it might be gated.  I wish it could breathe more.  If it is gated, remove the gate and let it breathe.  Allow the overheads to reveal the whole drum and not concentrate on the beater head so much.  This is a very ambient track, and little processing is needed to help recreate the natural ambience with which it was recorded.  Once we start taking away from the natural ambience of an acoustic performance, we lose the dynamics that add to its charm.  That said, the drums could use some attention...since there are few instruments in this track, the drums should not be held back, or "tucked" into the mix.  They're an important part of this ensemble and need to be represented.  Don't be afraid to bring them... (read more)