Mix feedback wanted - Please critique!

 Seeking honest and constructive feedback on this traditional country mix...any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

I downloaded these stems from the "Mixing Secrets" Free Multitrack Download Library (https://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms/mtk/) as an educational practice session. 

Thank you!

ARTIST: Uncle Dad
SONG: "Who I Am"

Mixed by Garrett Jenkin
IG: @garrett_jenkin27

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As a whole it sounds clean and pleasing to the ears. I wanted more punch out of the drums though. The vocals sound great but they sound separated from the track, I would like the vocal to "sit" more in the mix and have the other instruments surround it spatially. 
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Sounds good, but I would've used more compression on the bass, and especially the drums.  The Nashville sound is all about compression.  The mix needs some "glue".  Maybe some 4:1 compression on the 2-buss.  The individual tracks seem "obvious".  A great tip I was given by world-class engineer Mike Tarsia when he was teaching me is, "Everything should sit between the kick drum and the lead vocal."  Hope that helps.