Mix critique - feedback welcome!

Looking for feedback on my mix, thank you. Any critiques are welcome, always trying to improve!

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Updated mix after listening back a few times. Let me know what you guys think
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Listening to both, I'd say you lost the drums in the second mix.  The stereo guitars sound much better in the second mix, but could use side chain compression triggered by the lead vocal so she doesn't get crowded by them.  The drums in the first mix sound in-your-face and I kinda like that, but maybe split the difference on the compression between the 1st and 2nd mixes.  In BOTH mixes, I'm completely missing the bass guitar.  There's great syncopation, and I'm just missing it because the bass isn't present.  I would go back to the first mix, back off the compression a tad on the drums, and see if you can pan the toms in stereo.  Everything is fighting up the middle, especially against that beautifully strong vocal.  Brighten the guitars L and R and side chain them off of her vocal to carve out space for her.  Compress the bass, add some saturation and use some makeup gain to seat it in the mix better.  Otherwise, I love the track, love the vocal.  Good luck with it!
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Came back to this mix again. Thanks for the critiques Slow Poke Productions!
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This is radio music but the drums just get lost.  Compress them and bring them up in the mix.