Please critique my Mix and Composition

Hi,im new here,hope to get some guidance :) here's a track ive been working on.

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not much to critique, sounds polished. To nitpick, I would say that low mids are a little strong (especially that bassline and lead vocal). Arrangement could be spiced up; for this genre you can do a lot of sound design/fx/foley that really makes it stand out. 

Arrangement wise you could also differentiate choruses and drops. There's really no reason to listen past the first minute and half because the rest of the song is the same. There is also some mid frequencies that push against the speakers a little too hard. 
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Vocals in the BRIDGE could be improved by adding clarity and presence, then controlled by a mb compressor on the 6k-12k so they won't be too present or harsh. Just the right amount to cut through and sit well in the mix, DON'T OVERDO IT.
Low mids are too present imho.
Overally, mix is fine. 
Transitions and arrangement can be improved too.

I'll give it a 9/10 on composition (creative process): I really like the track itself, clean, simple. Nice one!
7/10 on transitions: for example you can add soft white uplifters to catch the attention of the listener and keep it entertained. 

Again, nice track Sir.

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This is a cool track. Love the chords, the choice of vocalist works, the melody lines are good.  There's a vibe to this track.  Two things that jumped out at me:

1.  I'm hearing too much "sizzle" in the high end; really noticeable on the drum track, especially in the beginning.  There's really no need to showcase the drums in a track like this; the vibe is all about the dance between the instruments and vocals.  The rhythm is evident, and shouldn't be forceful or accentuated by the drums.  Would've loved to hear more subtle percussion rather than a straight-up 4/4, up the middle "pump".  That's just me though.

2.  The "ducking" is cool in the A-section of the by-line in the tag (outro), but it completely swallows the vocal in the B-section of that vocal line.  I would duck the "Uuhhhs" but leave the "gonna treat you rights" alone.  Automate it, and it'll create the right vibe/effect for that part.  But again, that's just me.

I really love this track.  Good luck with it!
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This is actualluy really good!!
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Wow...i never realize i had received so much feedback! Thanks everybody for your value feedback and also your kind word :)
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Anyway, i dont know if its against the rule to post link...but incase you want to listen to the finished song, here is the spotify link :) Or you can search by my name on youtube / spotify : Brian C 蔡飞宏 - Answer .
Thanks everyone!