This is my 8th mix ever. How is it? are my levels ok?

Could i get some feedback on my mix? its my 8th mix ever. I guess im more concerned about levels more than anything.

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Levels are pretty straight. Guitars are a little harsh in the upper mids, which causes them to "push" out of the mix a little too much. Vocals could use some effects and compression to smash it down and make it in your face. Other than that it's a solid mix. 
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OK, here we go:
First off, I LOVE THIS TRACK.  That said, I'm able to listen objectively, so here are my thoughts:

I'm guessing you're a guitarist, or you're mixing this for a client who IS a guitarist?  Reason being, you've managed to get GREAT recorded tracks; the drums sound fantastic, the bass is a KILLER sound, and the vocals are super decent.  The problem?  I CAN'T HEAR THEM.  The stereo geets are way too loud, and they're drowning out all the subtle nuances in everyone else's performance (or yours if you're doing everything) including the subtle ride cymbal in the verses, and the harmony line in the vocals.  You could use some side chain compression on them triggering from the bass track, so when the bass is playing, the geets are brought down a few dB and they'll sit in the mix better and be bold again when the bass ISN'T playing.

Second:  Get rid of the noise in the guitar tracks, which is undeniably obvious in the intro, yet undoubtedly is muddying up... (read more)
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Thanks guys
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the only kind of weird thing I hear is that in the more busy and heavy verse the vocals sound a little lower than the part that is more groovier, maybe you can ride it a little 
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The levels are pretty good, this doesnt have to do with mix but i hate that kick sound lol