What do you guys think of my mixing?

I use this for practice

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Drums too loud, guitars volume are too low, i think you can work more on that vocals too. But, is just my opinion!
The snare tone is not good too.
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Hey great job I don't usually mix metal but I really like the mix especially during the chorus around 1:50 Maybe consider turning down the screaming vocal 1 or 2 dbs and think about turn up the gutar riff a bit. Also it sound like you may have used lots of parallel compression or just used a lot of compression on the drums maybe try moving the threshold a bit but overall it sounds great!
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this is great, I think, maybe the kick is a tiny bit louder, and the guitar kind of quiet
apart from that is a great mix, the song is really cool also
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The drums especially the kicks are way too loud compared to most of the music.