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Recently released this, but always nice to have outside ears listen!

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Vocals are too loud for my ears, but your mixing is good. 
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Not bad I think the vocals need some compression and try to send the vocals to some reverb rather than adding it directly to the track. Overall not bad 🙏👍
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hey, the are some really nice things here. 

the biggest thing I can hear is that you have no filter on the vocal reverb on the top. Try filtering the top off the reverb. I guess it will be around 5000-6000hz, just until the long hiss of the ssss go away. 

compress the sax a tiny bit for dynamic control, otherwise maybe a tini tiny bit of widening on the vocal. 
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The reverb was pretty thick and warm on the vocals but over all great job like Frederik said give the sax a little bit of compression and you should be set