Knock Out - MixOff

This is a track I produced with a friend a few months ago. I mixed it but it's not mastered.

Mix Files:

Session Files:

This is his first video he ever shot, directed and edited. I give him major credit for that!

Hope you guys have some fun with this...

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Thank you very much!  :)
You're welcome :)
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Oh boy this is gonna be great!, I have virtually no experience mixing hip hop! :D
Same here, let's see... or hear ;-)
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Nice song, nice vid.  Am I wrong or is the lip sync in that YouTube video... like way out of sync?
Yes you're right...

I gave my friend a rough mix so he could finish the editing of the video while I mix it.

I did two bounces one with the edits for the clean version and the ot... (read more)
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53 tracks... pheuhhh... but it has has been fun mixing this thing!
Here's my mix (limited to around -9 dB  RMS avg):
I appreciate any comments or questions.
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Here's my quick mix.  If it's not loud enough turn your speakers up a little...  ???    ;D  ... I'm not really into the extreme limiting.
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So Hip hop done! First only and last time lmao!
Naah its was fun mixing this!, as usual great recording Mattski!.
Its not mastered as usual, straight off the 2 buss.
So with no futher adoo....My all most first hip hop mix ;D

Hope you like it
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Gonna give a little feedback on RiFs and Expressmix mixes 8)

All righty good mix, but if I mute my sub theres all most no bass and the 808 kick is mostly gone aswell!.
The low tuned snare you used is not my taste either too low tuned for my taste.
Otherwise you know your shit no doubt!, just remember to check on small speakers if the low end translates.

Same problem with the low end as RiF the low end dissapeares if I mute the sub and only listen on my ns10s.
Theres a lot of sub on this mix and the low end is all over the place!.
The rest is well balanced I like the dryness on the vocals in your mix. And the subtle effect on the FX vocals.

I myself struggled a lot the the bass course it moves in octaves and some notes just dissapears on my ns10s even tho I tryed to move the frequncys upwards, to get them in range of my ns10s. Would love to hear what other does to compensate for this! ;)

Good job both of you!  :D
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MortenDK, first of all: thanx for the comments!

Solid mix, I like the tasty use of compression (and not overcompression) on the vocals a lot. You have quite a lot of reverb on the verse vocals. It sounds good but I don't know if On your mix, I think that the vocals are a bit buried in the mix and fight mainly with the drums and synths for attention. The hats spike thru the mix and are too loud for my taste, similar with the cymbals. Some synths overpower the vocals as well. Besides that, your balances are well done, which is quite a task regarding the track count.
Regarding the bass, I am not sure where to go. The original bass track does not have a lot of harmonics and consists mainly of the fundamentals, making it more of a sub-bass that is more felt than heard. You pushed in up into the "audible" frequency territory, but I don't know yet if I like it that way. Maybe stuff like the RenBass or UAD Hz things (both I don't have) are built to care about this... (read more)
Thx for the comment! :) you are spot on with the vocals being buried to far. My problem is its mixed over a few days on and of as didnt have time sit down and mix through in one go. So I wi... (read more)
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My comments for ExpressMix
It's hard to find anything that is not good on your mix. Kudos! The balances are perfect and the frequency response is very even, although I find the low-end a bit too loud. Esp the kick.
If I need to find something that could be improved, I'd take a look at the overall sonic texture that sounds a bit "In-The-Box'y" (instant word creation...) to me. The tracks are all electronic (except the vocals) and would benefit from some analog vibe. Running the mix or parts of it through some outboard, or applying subtle distortion here and there might help to dirty it up a bit.

May I ask, what things you've used on the verse vocals? They sound great with the right touch of compression and a nice subtle sheen on the high end.
I didn't use any FX (besides compression) on the main vox except for the Waves Doubler 2.  I put it on a send bus and (I'm trying to recall the settings) I think I had it set somewhere in the 25ms ... (read more)
Yeah, same thing here. The vox go to a send that carries a stereo delay (0ms left, 30 ms right) to spread out the signal and then into a chorus (Digi AIR Chorus, not good. But my UAD Dimension D "a... (read more)
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Here's my first ever stab at hip-hop mixing :)

Just the basics, no automation or other fancy stuff.

I'll do some feedback on other mixes later!
Sounds good to me on my USB speakers.  I like the way the chorus vox are "seated" in the track.   All you guys mixes sound good to me and I'm certainly not the one to really judge modern rap (or ro... (read more)