Please critique my mix. Give me pointers to help me get better . I want to become a Master at this . Please help me by critiquing my mix. I know its not good , but its my first mix that I'm making with effects that I'm confident in . 

In what area is my mix failing the most . 
What areas did I do well in . If any

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Drums are real hot. May wanna bring down a bit, Specifically snare. 

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Hey look up mixing with mike he have a boot camp class that you can take. It’s a year class but it’s worth it I’m taking it now. It’s a lot that need to be done with this mix. Not being rude or anything.  
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Nice track. I feel that the proximity effect is present. And you may have been too close to the mic. Unless you have a lot of bass in your voice. There isn't a lot of bass in the instrumental so maybe the instruments could come up a couple db to be more balanced with your vocal. Because there is a lot of room your bass/kick does not compete with your vocal so the kick and bass could come up or your vocals could come down, seems there is enough headroom to do so with out clipping. Seems you were very conservative with the overall loudness and this is a good thing but the kick and snare still have room to slap harder...snare is ok, maybe the kick can be fatter just a little.
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pretty good mix mate, might wanna try pultec eq on the mix to boost the lows/subs and cut the low mids (100-200hz). Seems like the kick and bass might need more separation. Real nice though