Split Harmonizer/pitch shifter plugins

Just wanted to know what people are using in regards to Split Harmonizer/pitch shifter plugins.

Im using this free plugin right now.

Download here if you want it.

Other plugs I know about are

Waves Doubler
Audio Damage Discord

Members additions to plugin list

Schwa's CMX

Aslo wanted to know any tips or tricks in regards to split harmonizing effect on vocals.

All I have for info is this

+ 9 cents Delay 14 pan -45
-9 cents   Delay 19 pan 45

Add some type of modualtion

Not even sure if vocal track get duplicated or not...Ive tried to get that split harm effect on vocals however I could never get it to sound right...not yet anyway.

Any tips or info is appreciated.

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That's a good trick, depending on the vocal, song, etc. I occasionally use a chorus plug on a send, with the mod set to fairly deep and slow. That allows you to blend the vocal stereo effect, and control the width. You can insert a delay ahead of the chorus, too, if you want to delay the pitch shifted bits a little, to retain some clarity and improve mono compatibility. You can also put a LPF on the channel, if the consonants are sounding too weird.

I used to use a plug designed for pitch shifting, but it wasn't compatible with the Intel Macs, so had to retire it!

You can also use this trick on bass guitar, if you want a very wide deep bass sound. Again, mono compatibility will be compromised, so some eq may be necessary!
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Using stock plug in pitchshift in PT +9 and -9 pan 100% L-R
What split harm effect are you talking about!? maybe link to an example ;) chances are split harm is not the only effect!.
This thread from the womb forum explains more of what Im talking about.


I guess the split harmonizin... (read more)
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I used to use MDA Detune, but it wasn't available as a Universal Binary for a while. It now appears to be, so I'll try it again!


I've also done the trick by duplicating the lead vocal onto three tracks, leave the middle one along, detune the left a few cents lower, the right a few cents higher, delay the right one a few ms more than the left, you can modulate the delay time and pitch shift if you want, though I don't usually. If I want modulation, I'll do as I mentioned above with a chorus effect.
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Check out Schwa's CMX, I use it a lot.
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I will add Schwa's CMX to my first post as well...looks like a decnt plugin.
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I actually like using the Pitch Shifter II that comes with Logic Pro 9. It has always worked fine for me.