Milk Cow Blues Mix-Off

This is a cover of an old song "Milk Cow Blues".  This is a family version we recorded a couple of years ago while everyone was home for Christmas.  We had one evening to record, so it's not professional grade by any means.  But it's kind of a fun song.  File is 12 tracks: Kick, Snare, Tom, 2 OH, ac. guit, el. guit, fiddle, dobro, bass, piano and vocals.  Vocals were done by my daughter-in-law.  We don't have a drum kit here, so 'poeticintensity' over at laid down the drum tracks for me.  Tracks all start at 1,1,1,1.  Tempo is 100.  Hope y'all enjoy.  Here's the link to the zip file:

Here's a quick "fader up" mix.  No EQ, compression, delay, reverb, echo.  Just some panning.  So you can tell if you're interested in mixing this one:

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Guitar Zero!  Really nice mix - Gonna download this & have a go - top stuff!  
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Here is a quick mix I did. Never mixed fiddle and dobro before. I tried to make this sound like it was outside at a bluegrass festival.
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Here's mine, I think the others are far superior though.
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Beautiful sounding mixes - I get the feeling that the recording quality is pretty good!
Oh yeah. This one basically mixes itself.
You are dead on

Spede - once again you have shown you are the master
Thanks. :) Just doing the best I can.
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Nice mixes so far guys.  Fader198, I like the way you put the fiddle up front and center.  It sounds good.  The whole mix is pretty balanced.

Loon, mix sounds good.  i wonder if your drums aren't drowning out some of the other elements???  Maybe panning the overheads more would get them out of the way.  Drum mix sounds a bit narrow.

It would be really interested to hear what kind of processing you guys are doing to the tracks, you know, share your decision making process when mixing.  
Well for mine I used an SSL on the master bus with about -3db GR just to even out the dynamics a little. Pultec EQ on the drums and a 1176 on drum buss and some slight reverb. Slapback on vocal and... (read more)
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Hi Guitar Zero,

I did not use the drums... and rearranged the song a bit. It took a while to mix the way I wanted it. Your daughter sure has a purty voice!


Here's a picture of the mix window, so you can see what plug ins etc... also all the automation I used.

Guitar Zero
Wow, you must have had a wild cut and paste session at your place.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Some of the dobro edit works, some doesn't, but what the hey, this is all for fun.  You did some el. g... (read more)
Hi Guitar Zero,

I had more Dobro in, but kept muting it, as it was too much in the way of the vocals, and to me that is more important.
The electric guitar I put more of so it would m... (read more)
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Thanks for the info guys.  Noeqplease, that's some serious fader riding.  Are you Protools LE or HD?
I'm HD, version 9.0.1

I use Euphonix MCMix and MCControl units for the faders. Love them to death. And better than compressing the crap out of an instrument. Although I use compressors, th... (read more)
Yeah, I can see the benefit of riding the faders. I'll have to try that at some point. I've only been mixing for about a month so I've yet to attempt any kind of automation. Just practicing getting... (read more)
Guitar Zero
Yeah but then you'd have to change your screen name to outboardfader198 ;D
Well, nothing is for free. :D
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Great site!  Fantastic idea!

Hey GZ, this is "showstone" from HR.  Glad to see you over here.

I am posting 2 mixes.  The first is the one I did months was my 2nd mix ever.  First was another song posted by Guitar Zero for a mixing contest on another site.

The 2nd is the remix I did for this site with better tools and some more experience.  Let me know what think and which one you like better.
Guitar Zero
Great to see you over here.  It will be interesting to hear what people think of your two mixes.  I personally like the first one.  The drums sound more natural, and the levels seem more balanced t... (read more)
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You are right about the dobro....just noticed that it gets lost in this mix.  I didn't mess with the dobro.

My take on the two mixes.  First one is definately more organic, open and intimate(not sure if that's the write description).

The 2nd is a more aggressive, "slick" mix.....more commercial.....less indie....maybe I'm wrong.  On that.

BTW, I am rendering my mix of that "420" song you told me about....expect my mix soon.
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Hey, some really great mixes so far - as someone said, this song almost mixes itself...nice

I thought, before I post my mix, I'd give a listen to all the mixes here & make a brief comment or two
I'm absolutely no expert on this genre, so I could be way off base with these...just some thoughts on the mixes....

fader198: Natural sounding mix - vocals perhaps a little "distant"?, snare drum a tad too loud?

Loon: I like this mix - It feels like I'm in the living room with the band - the overall sound is "rounded" - to my ear, very tape-like; your treatment of the dobro works too, it stays nicely out of the way of the vocal whist still bein very audible...The vocal is tad too sharp for the rest though... sweet.

noeqplease: I love the intimacy you got on the vocal in this (although vocals are just a touch sibilant)... The arrangement sounds good, although I do miss the drums.

HPS: 1st mix: Really full & warm - vocals are front & centre - ca... (read more)
Guitar Zero
Hey man, nice mix.  It sounds like you did some fader riding too.  The fiddle sustain is longer and louder than I remember in places.  Could be wrong?  I only have one nit with the mix.  The Dobro ... (read more)
Yeah, you and GZ are right.....2nd mix was excuses.  Must have had a bad day mixing yesterday, nothing I did yesterday sounded good this morning.

Thanks for the feedback guys..... (read more)