Hip hop mix and master feedback please

Mixed and master any feed back is good. I learned everything over at mixing with mike. He have a boot camp class that’s a year long and worth it. Listen with headphones so you can really here the mix if you don’t have monitors and yes I know vocals are low. I also have files if anyone need some for practice. 

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Your overall tonal balance isn't balanced properly. The beat is missing body in the mid freq. Your Vox are really polished nicely their just missing a bit of density which you may be able to achieve with a wide boost (30-40hz 1db could be enough with the right HW Eq- actual hardware tho-). MHO
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If you send those tracks or probaly just the 2 track, i could send you back what i mean

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It actually sounds pretty good. The 808 has good bottom but it needs more tone in the upper-midrange because it's lacking heavily. You should consider slapping some saturation on your 808 to bring that tone out because I can barely hear those 808 notes. Overall it's a good song but work more on that 808. 
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can u give me that files pls
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Hello, Favio here, this is a decent work but the main flute sound feels inorganic, you can use some frequency exciter in the highs or use white noise mixed with it for get a more natural sound, combined with proper dynamic eq on the low mids you get a pretty decent flute. Vocals are really good but I feel like it needs to be more crispy and reverb, space time effect on this rap style so check that.

Drums are the less interesting part and that's not good, I don´t feel the bass of the kick kick so much, the 808 has dirty low mids and poor low end, the clap is very hi pitch, try send the snare pre fader to a channel and put a frequency shifter to add the low mids that way for more natural result. hats are a bit high, try to balance everything again with a reference song. The vocals in the outro have too much silibance, hope my feedback helps you. Please share this stems with me for practice:)

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Super Clarity!  I think it sounds great. 

I feel that because the beat is open the low end should really shine through like the vocals do. I recall a few songs by Lil Wayne (AH MiLLIE) where its pretty much just him a hard snare and some hard kickin bass.  Again it sounds good you did a great job but I feel there is some energy in the low end you haven't tapped into. 
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Hey everyone thanks for your response getting to work now. If you want the file email at victorwillis5@yahoo.com
with your name in the subject and saying you want the file. 
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Nice track I think that the vocals could come down a a db or maybe even be eq'ed with a lowpass around 16k. Other than that nice job.
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Could use some balance in the mid-range. However, sounds good.
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HEY man sounds amazing i am just starting of with mixing and mastering can you help me out by sending any files of raw vocals to practice on.. if you don't mind ofc........ thank you for suggesting mixing with mike will surely check him out