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Sometimes this audio player add their own color so it's hard to tell but the low end hits but hasn't got the energy to complement the vocals.  Maybe they are squashed, to compressed. Also the mix is good but a little on the hot side. Hot as in tribble.  5K to 20K  may need to dip it some.  Nice Song.
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I agree the track is too loud and possibly too much limiting/maximizing. But the balance is good just too loud..the 808 and bass could stand out more with a narrow EQ. And that would only work best when it is not so loud. But nice track.
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Theres some nastiness in the high end of the vocal, try cutting between 5-8k. can hear lots of mouth noise like breaths and s's. Quite piercing, the instrumental sounds good, just work on the vocal high mids more, also add some bass to vox like 100hz