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Hey everyone, I'm new to mixing and am looking for critical feedback on this hip hop mix. The stems came from Cambridge Music Technology's multitrack library here: https://www.cambridge-mt.com/ms/mtk/. 

Please let me know what you guys think, thanks in advance.

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Here's the mix:
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Hello, the track sounds nice with a lot of energy. The vocals are kinda loud overall, and could also be thicker or more saturated in the mid freq range. the clap/snare could also be thicker too but thats just my opinion. But definitely eq or take the vocal down a db or two.
Also at the end of the track I can hear you take off the headphones and move around, so a fade out at the end would suffice, or just remove the extra noise

I listened with Audeze LCD MX4 headphones and they are of good quality
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nice work dude really punchy