Icarus Lives Periphery - Critique my mix, please! (Drum Programming and mix)

I used: GGD Modern & Massive for the drums
Compressor: GGD Smash n' Grab
Yes, i know, the snare have a "harsh" frequency, and it is proposital. The original one have it too, and i tried to imitate it because its fun :D (i could removed it if i want it)
All the rest of plugins are the reaper's stock plugins.

Rate my mix, and give me advices <3

If you want the drum track, here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTxdLoghwaAja34VcR3fsu3T9vjZP29k/view?usp=sharing

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is good but i think guitars are a litle bite low and i reccomend you to use a more agresive compressor
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Thanks for the Review! About the guitar... It's Intentional, to to emphasize the drum track.