Hello everybody!  Here's a new tune I wrote called Alone.  It's a lot more of a depressing song than others on this site, which should pose more of a challenge.

Rough Mix:

The Rar contains 4 drum tracks, (Kick, Room, Left Overhead, and Right Overhead), 6 guitar tracks, 1 bass track, and 1 vocal track.  All of the stringed instruments are DI's and the drums are completely raw.  The vocals are slightly tuned because I am not the world's best singer.

I, alone, played all of the instruments so my performances are not absolutely perfect, or complex, being that I am not 100% familiar with all of them.

As always, feel free to do whatever you want in the mix.  All mixes posted here, I will be sure to try to give a critique to.  Have fun.

The Files:

EDIT: Forgot some info :-\.  All tracks are recorded to a 134 BPM click track, in the key of G. 

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Aiight, I like it.  8)

Yer mix is, obviously, quite raw - the drums in particular, but it's a cool li'l ditty.

I'm a work it.
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Ver' cool, kinda aminds me of the Pumpkins:
Hey!  Cool mix.  However, I think the song could benefit from a spacier sounding mix.  I believe this was accomplished during the intro, but the spacey sound is lost when the dry vocals kick in.  I... (read more)
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Thanks for the commentary!

I have this weird thing when mixing (other's tracks) where I don't necessarily "go for" anything.  Instead, I kinda try to let the track speak in the mix with as little processing and EQ as I can, especially drums and guitars and bass.  My thought is I'm tryna improve on the players' and recordist's tracks, without changing 'em too drastically.

Not always, but what I was doing here.

That said, I was totally hearing Corgan in this.  ;D  Mebbe that's what the vocal was telling me.

BTW, no gate on the vocal; I used a fair amount of EQ to clarify it, compressed it, and used a tape slap-back effect patch.

I hadda put the BV's together by hand and, well, have you heard the ridiculous BV levels on Zeitgeist?  My little homage ...  ;)
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here´s a version of mine

let me know how you like it or what you dislike
I dig it.

Wide, and spacey throughout the entire song.  Sounds like you got a lot of compression goin' on and I like it.  Is that a phaser on the bass?  It makes the bass stand really far ... (read more)
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Hi Loon
thanks for the kind words about the mix. Seems like I have to much dessing on the Vocal track and so there is less high end. what do you mean with funky?
The kick is not sample replaced. All original. The Bass has no Phaser, but I have copied the bass 3 times and used individual effect (delay and maybe chrous - can´t remeber right now), which I blended to taste and also automated. Not all 3 Bass Tracks are playing at the same time.
How would you like to have the Vocals. Can you describe it?
I just prefer plenty of high end in vocals, that's all.  I personally have never used a de-esser either, I usually just modulate down harsh s'es.  That's just my personal taste.
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Here´s the same tune with more high end. Or let´s say less Désser. It was indeed too much ...
I also looked in the Bass Tracks and it´s Chorus and some Verbs.
Hope you enjoy
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First of all thanx to Loon for the nice track. Very hypnotic tune that I really dig.
Here's my mix and my comments, in case anybody cares about a look under the hood.

I wanted to bring out some of the click and make it more punchy.
I brought in a heap of 4-8K with Waves G-Channel using both HF and HMF bands. The gate shortens the kick and the compressor makes it punch more.

I used little of the room track and it got EQd using a wide and deep 200 Hz dip and I rolled of everything about 8K. Then into Waves CLA-76 for about 5 dB of GR.

This is the main track of the drums, therefore it got my most attention.
I used a UAD 1081 EQ to dip at 2.7KHz to make the ride less pingy and another dip at 330 Hz to bring down the kick to give room for the close mic'd track
The ride dominates and is a bit annoying for me, because it runs straight throughout the whole song without any variation. So I automated the OH track down in th... (read more)
Thanks for the compliment.

I'm definitely very impressed with this one.  Nothing you have done I would change in the slightest, except that I would have brought the chorus lead up a bit.  ... (read more)
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Loon, I am glad that you like my mix. Thanx for the comments.
Your own mix is very well balanced (which I find to be quite a task). It sounds a bit static though and could benefit from some automation to "draw" some kind of dramatic curve around the tune.

RoyalRichman, I really like the vocals on your 2nd mix. You got the sibilance really under control without too much artifacts, a task that hasn't been easy here. The amount of compression is good, but the voice dives a bit into the mix in the 2nd half of the choruses. I'd recommend a bit more compression or fader riding on these spots to make the vox ride evently just above the mix.
While my lead guitar in the choruses is too low in level, I think yours is a bit too high.
The bass seems a bit too heavy handed for me and I would back it down quite a bit.
The drums sounds as if you were not pleased with them too much and you wanted to hide them ;-). So they ended up very low in the mix, almost where I would j... (read more)
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Hi RiF

thanks for taking the time to listen to my mixes and sharing your thoughts. I really like that ´cause it´s pushing us/me.
All of your points are good and right.
Sone things are a matter of taste. I´m also not really done with room, so, things in the lower mids are a bit unsure for me while mixing.
I don´t want to hide the drums. But the drummers playing is steady and so I decided to give lean it more backwards.
Hope I have chosen the right english words to describe.
But once again, I really like your comments. Keep it up ...
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Did a 3 hour mix of this today!
Nice moody song, I liked it :D
Thx for uploading for our mixing pleasure! ;D

Hope you like it
Yet another very cool mix!  The guitars sound like something Korn would do.  The bass sounds pretty loud in comparison to the rhythm guitar in the intro, so I would have modulated that down.  Howev... (read more)