Will you please critique my first mix?

This is a mix of a song called Heart Peripheral by AM Contra. It's the first time I have tried to mix a song that I didn't produce. Please let me know how I can improve it! 

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 I  only have one thing to say about this mix otherwise this is an excellent mix.

I like the way you created  depth using reverb.

Check out this CLA video. You will find it useful if you do this.
And no I don't work for waves just like how CLA thinks!

Ok, first I think the vocals are too loud.

You have such a great mix of the music blend the vocals in.

Plus the vocal  is Harsh in one of the high frequencies and hurts my ears. The way to solve this is to use, in addition to the first compressor, a second compressor. I like to use the LA2A. 

You can also find the frequency that's causing the problem and pull it out with a very narrow band.

 If you have a really great Deesser you can play around with then that works sometimes.

Digital can be brittle  so make sure you use a console plug in and tape plug in on every channel th... (read more)
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 Thanks for the review, appreciate your input! I will go back and have a listen to the vox again to see about pulling them back in and hunting that frequency. I have been making use of dynamic EQ a lot lately since I made this, I might just duck that freq when it gets too rowdy. Unfortunately, I am brand new to mixing and don't have a lot of hardware, mostly plugins. 
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Everything I mention is in a plugin. 

There is a big debate on hardware and plugins but they sound the same. Technology is amazing. 

There are sometimes  slight differences.
Most I can't even tell and that is why some of the biggest names mix in the box exclusively. 

Check out on YouTube Frank Fillipetti. He explains all this. He has recorded for many record labels back in the day. 

I've worked in the studio in the 80's and used all the famous gear that these plugins emulate.  LA2A, 1176 and worked on a Neve that had the 1071 modules. It was owned by RCA at one time. 
I've used the Studer A800. 

In fact when I interned I came to the studio early to calibrate the machine for the engineer. 

Anyways, instead of buying hardware save your money and invest in things that are important because those plugins are incredible. 

Three most important things would be Microphones,  speakers, room correction software. I use Arc ... (read more)