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Hey everyone, I would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback on this mix. I worked for way too long on this and feel like I could no longer make a fair judgment. It's not mastered yet.

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Ok if you want that much reverb on the guitar in the beginning for an effect fine but it really interferes with the mix.

I don't know if it is the quality of your upload but the lo mids seems scooped out. No warmth.

Also less verb on vocalsĀ  and bring the vocals up a little. It is possible that taking some verb off will bring the vocals forward.

If you want that effect then change the tail of the reverb or something so it doesn't sound all smeared.

It doesn't sound as bad in my K240's but in my Genelec 1030 a's it sounds a bit too much.

The trick is to get it to sound good in pro headphones and speakers. Then check on your consumer headphones with your phone or tablet. Also your stereo system speakers.

Getting a mix to sound good in the pro monitors and pro headphones will make it translate. So you have to compromise between the two sounds.

Lastly I pounded my head again the wall until I had my speakers set so you are in... (read more)