Harp Folk Mix Off Advice 2 songs

I Have 2 Songs that I would like to upload and have a mix off If anyone is interested. The songs include Harp, Violins, Vihuela, Jarana, and Vocals.

Here is a link on soundcloud where you can listen to The first one.

EL NATURALITO by razamichoacana on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

This song is called "El Naturalito" It is in the key of G, It is in 3/4 @ 235 bpm

This is the link to the second one.

EL PAROTAS by razamichoacana on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

This other song is Called "El Parotas" It is in the key of A, 3/4 @ 235 bpm

Both of the song on these links are unprocessed. They Do have reverb on the Vox, Harp, & Violin

I would like your thoughts and opinions on the sound quality of the individual tracks If you decide to download the session for a Mix off. I'll get them uploaded in my dropbox ASAP.

El Naturalito was recorded with 3 Violins
El Parotas was recorded with one Violin playing 2 strings

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I'm interested in seeing what might be done with this. Sometimes I think it's harder to mix acoustic instruments because we are familiar with their sound.

Give it a try man.  I'd like to hear what everyone else hears when mixing this genre.
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Here Is the download Link to The Individual tracks of "El Naturalito"

Downloading now. Looking forward to it!
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Here Is the download Link to The Individual tracks of "El Parotas"


please Let Me Know if I'm Missing anything!!!
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I'm not sure what happen'd.  My original links got lost so here they are again


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Downloading... It's always a fun challenge to mix musical genres out of my "home zone". And I never heard a harp outside of classical music.
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I Grew up with this kind of music.
It's from the State of Michoacan, in Mexico.
I'll see what can be done with this one...
You're 100% correct 8).  This Music is from Michoacan.  Are you from Michoacan Too?  Thanks

Nope, I grew up in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Although I have been to Michoacan many times. Love that state.
Sorry but I have not had time to mix this song yet... paying work comes first.
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Here's my mix of El Naturalito.
I appreciate any comments, because I felt quite unsure because I don't really know what the genre demands, mixing-wise.
This mix is full of UAD Neve 1081 EQs, some LA-2As (Bass and Harp) and a Studer and Fatso on the 2bus. For reverbs, I used a PCM70 Tiled Room preset for the shorter and a Behringer V-Verb Vintage 250 preset for the longer reverbs.
The main vocals went through a Distressor.
Hi RIF, I like your mix overall. I think the only fix it needs is regarding the vocals, in that you can really hear the compression, and IMO this genre doesn't lend itself to any kind of processing... (read more)
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Like always good job Man.  Your Mix sounds way better than all the mixes I've done .  I've ben playing this kind of music for almost 10 years and recording it since 2004.   I've always struggled to make everything sit, blend together.  There really isn't any special way to mix this genre if it sounds good it's good. The only thing that I would change on your mix is the violins  those could stand out a little more.
{Edit} I take that back They are ok in volume.  They get a little lost while the singer is singing but thats ok.  The vocal should Always be in front {Edit}
Here are some examples of other bands playing this same genre To give you some Ideas.

(By the way I'm not the one playing the harp on El Naturalito.  Here is a song from a cd that I did last year playing the harp)
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I'd like to hear other mixes, too! Come on guys, it's all very well recorded and a fun tune to mix. No fixin' just mixin' ;-)
Thanks Rif
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I'm going to give El Naturalito a shot, sounds like a ton of fun.