Can anyone Provide feedback on my track?

any feedback is good feedback even if you don't like my mix this is my second attempt at mixing, i would like to know what works well and what doesn't work well with the mixing thanks in advance.  Also the vocals are by a youtuber name sky jordxn 

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If anyone has any raw vocals that they can send me to practice it would be a great help
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Listened on my studio Genelecs and my K240's. There are many different ways people do it. I think many pro engineers will agree a decent pair of pro headphones helps. 

Nice bass, I usually hear to much. Mixing those subs is tricky.

I bet you have a good car stereo or you have a sub you mix with.

It seems dark overall. Like the claps and Hihat could be brightened. The claps will punch through more.

Balance is good.

Also, a little dry. I get it on vocals though you want that intimacy. You can still achieve that with a shorter reverb which will add a depth but you don't have to however just saying.

Claps maybe some verb? Use the stereo spectrum, you can do that with reverb. Also, again not needed  but a delay on vocals can fatten it up if desired and even claps if that's what you want. No rules here.

So, a little dry and dark but great balance. Use reverb and delay to make it shine by adding depth on any instrument that ... (read more)
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vocals are generally loud, pretty alright other than that tho
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the beat is too low
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Background music is too low in the mix, pan one of the vocals a little bit to separate them some. The mix could be turned up, look at your master fader and push it louder if possible, mix could use a limiter on the master.  Claps need a little reverb, they are too dry.