Weathervane Multi-tracks - BIG TROUBLES

Hi folks,

My name is Brian. I just learned about this forum from someone over at Gearslutz. I started a non-profit called Weathervane Music ( back in 2009. We produce a series called Shaking Through ( that brings emerging artists into the studio to record music. The impetus for this, of course, is that the music industry can no longer invest in the early stages of artists' careers. Please check it out. I believe in it with my whole heart and soul. Anyhow, I've been sharing multitracks and mixstems since January from new sessions. Please excuse the occasional link to another GS post. I'll try to upload everything here, but it'll take a little time.

So here's another round of multitracks and mix stems with a cool companion  technical video (! This time we recorded a song from a band called Big Troubles, a couple young kids from Ridgewood NJ playing big, anthemic rock like it's 1994 all over again (only they're not in middle school this time). Like before, we were lent almost the whole line of Telefunkens, as well as a D.W. Fearn VT2 and VT7. This time around, when it came to vocals at least, the U47 and the Ela M251 simply couldn't handle Alex, the singer, and his s's and t's. Image what it's like staring down $20,000 worth of microphones and opting for a $250 Shure SM-7b, instead! Lesson learned… it happens sometimes! Still two of the best mics I've ever heard!  Again, I (obsessively) put links to all the gear used in the Track Sheet below. Thanks again to our friend George Hajioannou at Studio Logic ( for letting us borrow them! And as always, thanks to Scott Wilson from Scratch Studio ( in NY for hosting these files!

Hey… please give me feedback on the video. We'll do this every month if we can. Help us make this better!

Check out the song first.

(And don't forget these files are VERY LARGE)

RAW TRACKS-STEMS - (This link will give you access to all multitracks and mixstems projects to date. Also:

Big Troubles Press Photo by wvmusic, on Flickr

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Thank you again for your great contribution.
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It's our pleasure! Can't wait to hear some mixes! Have fun!

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Ok did a mix of this today!
Was fun Thx for uploading :).
I didnt use the DIs which I probably should have in retrospect to get gtrs to cut through better.
I augmented the Kick to get to cut through a little better.
And its not mastered, its straight of the mixbuss.

Hope you like it
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i checked the links for several times now, but I can´t find the stems/raw files for the phantom song.
I only have access to Night Owl by A Classic , Stay Even by Port St. Willow and Borrowed Heart by Hezekiah. That´s all. What am I missing?
Can some help me  ???
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ok. Thanks to you both.
It worked and the files are now in a Logic Project and it´s fun to mix.
I have another question.
Is there already a mix which the band has chosen or will the Band chose a Version of the song mix here or over at gearslutz?

bye m
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Oh yeah. It's in the original post, but here it is again: BIG TROUBLES-PHANTOM MP3
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Thanks for the quick reply. i thought the link could be a reference mix ...
But, good to know and thanks for uploading.
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So. Here is a version of mine. I love the song and it was great. My goal was to something thick and a sort of soft-cliping, especially on the drums. It was not easy and but I like it and hope other too.
Would be great to hear what you and other think. It seems that I have a little bit too much in the under mids (100-300 Hz) in my Room and so the mix could have there a little bit less. Maybe someone can hear this too ??
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I needed a break from another project, so I did a mix of this last night. It's pretty rough, but I guess that was what the band was after anyway ;)

No time for feedback right now, but I'll be sure to give you folks some tomorrow!



+ Nice aggressive buildups with the fx-guitars...
+ Good seperation on the tonal front...
+ Smooth spectrun curve overall, easy on the ears...
- The bleed combined with the processing on the drums gives some unwanted artifacts...
- Lead vox are a bit to upfront  imo...
- The seperate drumtracks sound disconnected, it needs some glue :)

Nice work in general!


I don't want to come off as an ass, but I decided to no longer provide feedback for people who can't be bothered themselves. Quid pro quo my friend!
Hi Lastrite

let me first say, my english is not that good and I don´t really get what you mean or what I have made wrong. But it seems that you think I don´t want feedback and i don´t want... (read more)
I think hes referring to people who doesnt give feedback to other mixes, but just come here to mix and asks for feedback. But doesnt provide any themselfs....
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Thx Lastrite for the feedback!
I listened to your mix and heres my thoughts:
Great balance over all I like the agressiveness of the gtrs :D
2 minor issues I have are, gtrs seems a little ear piercing and the vocal thus gets burried a little bit.
Really like you mix tho! top job thx for sharing! 8)