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Hi y'all, I'm fairly new in audio engineering and mixed and mastered my first full song.
I must say it was recorded very precisely, good mics, mic placement good so I did not had to replace tracks or phase shift, so it was quite fun. I would love to hear your thoughts and get some critique, so I can do better next time.
That would be awesome! It is part of a mixing challenge, so it would also be nice if you may give me a heart above the video, mics can be won. But I'm here for the judgement :) Especially I'm not sure about the low end, the drum sound, the vision of the mix in general and the stereo image (depth and width). Thank you!

 Listen to my mix here:

PS: Also I upload the raw and unedited tracks summed so you know the starting position ...

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What did you use to mix and master? There is a lot of dynamic range and just general bad levels. The vocals are so loud and then the instruments are not loud enough. I feel like you are trying to have this very natural, dramatic increase in volume, etc, but the range in which this occurs should be much less. I am not sure you are using the proper tools to get the job done. You don't need to worry about stereo image, you need to focus on the basics of leveling, compression, and mixing with reference track. 
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It was pretty wet all over the place. I think dialing some of that back would have been nice for letting that vocal shine through, especially at the beginning verse when the drums came in. They instantly distracted me from the vocal. I really couldn't catch the vision, there were parts that I didn't really understand the decisions. As far as the low end, the beginning, the kick drum is really thick and loud, a little too much for my taste. The live drums sounded pretty decent. I would have like to hear that bass be more present. Often in these kinds of intimate performances that bass can really drive the vibe Some of the effects came in a bit harsh and there are some issues with levels and muddiness between the guitar and vocal....but, overall it was a pretty decent mix.