hip hop mix feedback

That is my first hip hop mix i felt that i got the energy right, i would like to hear your opinion.

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I would like to mix this as I have a few ideas I would add, let me know either way thanks.
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it's pretty good, maybe the synth can be a little bit lower in volume, and the vocals in the hook you can try adding more depth with reverb so it feels different from the verse
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hey guys thanks for the replyes, i agree about the hooks.
Anthony you want the raw tracks to mix the song?
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Hi ok yes, I can do something with the song, if you can upload the tracks and share the link I would be happy to do it for free.

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Its not my track its from a lybrary ( https://discussion.cambridge-mt.com/ ).I am a mix engeneer my self and use the lybrary whenever i dont have to mix for a client and experiment with diffrent genres.