roast my mix and tell me to kill myself and quit

Hi,I downloaded some free stems for a song the other day from a Cambridge website so I could practice mixing. I don't really know a lot of stuff about this complicated art form yet,so if this hurts your ears,you have my apologies. BY THE WAY,YES, I did mix this with headphones. Cheap earphones,actually.

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You need to replace the toms. I did the same track and they're clipping all over.
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Don't quit! Learning to mix is like learning an instrument, it takes years to master and there's always room for improvement.

I won't comment on the mix itself since the biggest issue here is your monitoring setup. Mixing on a cheap pair of earphones is like painting in a dark room. If you can't accurately hear what you're mixing then it's just that much more difficult to make good decisions in the moment.

If you can't splurge on some hi end studio speakers, get yourself a pair of $100 bookshelf speakers off of Amazon or a similar retailer and start from there.