Can Someone Mix This Hardcore Pop-Punk EP?


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Hi, i made a quick Mix in like 1 hour. 
Hope you enjoy!
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Hey Bob,

New to the site and just came across this looking for some multitracks to work on. One thing I am curious about, is there any vocals? The zip file supplied did not have any, and if they exist, I would like to keep that in mind whilst mixing. Thanks!
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In case you guys recorded this yourselves, there is no reason to record at 96k. The difference between 96 and 48k has been proven to sound the same in many studies. All it does is take up more hard drive space

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here's my mix & quick master (just push the volume limit lol)

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I tried it and this is the result. I know it's not the best but I like it.
Hope you like it.
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Hi there - I know it was asked before but I'm not finding an answer to it: Are there vocals for this group? I'm going to do full production on it, but without vocals I'm wondering if the EP has legs? 

Are there just missing tracks or does this band not have a vocalist?

Thanks for the extra info - will be posting a mix soon.

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Here's a quick mix.
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Try this one:) PS: nomastering
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Hello, Bob, how are you doing?
Can you please tell me what is exactly the beat/tempo of this project?
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Hey man I'm gonna give this a try ill get them back to you soon!