What is wrong with my vocals lol! 😂😂

So I think the harmonies are not working and the vocals just aren't gelling with the rest of the track. The reverb doesn't feel too good either. Any way I can improve this? :)

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maybe eq, add hi/mid/ and filter out some lows.... 
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This is sick, dude. I think it's great. I think the drums could be a bit more upfront, as well as the BGVs.
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The vocals are good to me. Maybe during the verses, drench the vocals in reverb a bit more and keep the delay where it's at. I do agree with what that other guy said though: background vocals and drums are a bit quiet
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Cool track! I'm always in the mood for some synthwave.

Sounds like the high end on the vocals has a constant EQ filter, I'd recommend a de-esser (or two?) and a multiband compressor to only filter the high end/ess's when it crosses the threshold. Vocals are also missing some low mids to make them sound full. If they were cut with EQ then I think give em back some body, and/or use a plugin like Waves RBass or MV2 to add some low-mid harmonics.

Harmonies work great note-wise, but it sounds like a few lines could be aligned better with the main melody. Gotta keep it tight! Also be sure to do the same de-essing to those tracks, but even more dramatic to where when solo'd they sound lispy.

Hope this helps!
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Sounds like you need to filter out some bassy frequencies on the verse parts, also filter out some hi's and lows on the delay, for the chorus part needs a little bit more punch, more body.
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I think it sounds good 
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To me it sounds like there's not enough body and low end. It sounds like you've either boosted the eq too much in the high mid range or cut too much in the 100-300Hz range. If you're trying to cut out the boxy sound, you can cut somewhere in the 300 - 500Hz range. You may have boosted the high mids too much because the kinda fuzzy synth has a lot of white noise energy in that same range. The reverb may sort itself out once you sort out the eq.

All my opinion. Peace.
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Very cool track…
I hear what you mean.
Just kinda doesn’t sit right.

I’m hearing a bit more of a synthy sound on the vocals. Maybe run it through a vocoder and mix that in with the original vox?
It’s close!

In general, vox could come down. 
Something I love about synthwave is the pumping feel of the whole thing. Almost a sidechained hump…
Let the vocals speak only when it gets to THOSE moments.
Otherwise keep em low in the mix. They’ll be present due to the nature of the part&its accompaniment.
Cool track! Sax is totally tasteful. Usually don’t like sax solo on tracks like these.
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Your vocals are not properly eq'ed. Your vocal chain should involve some sort of subtractive eq, then compression with fast attack and release. After these two are complete, then you can add a combination of saturation, additive eq, multiband compression and a de-esser to finish the whole chain.
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I’m late to the show as I just found this group! For sure De-essing! I agree with Jimmy Chandler. Give back some low mids and tame down the higher frequencies back about 10DB. As far as everything else, I would parallel compress the Kick, Snare, and Toms. Use a 10.1 ratio with a slower attack and fast release. You’ll hear them come to life!