Black Metal Collab

I've got some old compositions I made in guitar pro that I'd like to see at least one make it through a production...

I'm not the best composer and I've quit playing guitar to focus solely on engineering, so if anyone is up for it, I'll post up some guitar pro files...This will require
a guitarist of bad ass skill and a damn good drummer. I can handle vocals and mixing. I pretty much have everything tabbed out for both guitar and bass, just needs
drums composed to the track and have everything recorded, then whammo, done and ready to be mixed.

It's something I've been wanting to do for a while so no rush or anything. I like very technical drum work because I feel drummers don't get enough attention, same with
bass, if you can do some cool, unique bass runs and harmonizing with guitars (think Belphegor/old Dimmu Borgir) then this could do well!

I'd like keys as well...vocal oohs and aahs, viola/violin, etc. Basically symphonic BM. <~~not entirely necessary and can always be added later.

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