Weathervane Multi-Tracks: Hezekiah Jones

Hey Guys,

I know Brian has already shared (,164.0.html) the Big Troubles session with you. We want to make sure you are aware of a few of our older sessions as well.

Hezekiah Jones is a Philadelphia based recording project led by Raph Cutrufello. These guys make some seriously unique and creative music.

Check out the song here:
Raw Tracks/Stems/Track Sheets:
Shaking Through Feature Video:
Production/Tech Video:

Mix em up, experiment, have some fun with it! And please give feedback on the videos, we're constantly trying to make them better.

Hezekiah Jones by wvmusic, on Flickr

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Wonderful, can't wait to begin this one. I should have some free time to start it this weekend  ;D
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Thanks for sharing those.

I downloaded the Stems to Borrowed Heart and quickly fell in love with the song...however, I fell in love with it in a different way.

The whole thing is very nice...however, I'm a sucker for acoustic versions of anything...I love acoustic music, there's just something about the magic of getting down to as basic of a track as possible...really captures the essence of the song.

I mixed this using just the vox/choral, guitar, banjo and voilin. While I know the band probably put a lot in to arranging the drums and such with it...I don't know...I listened to this song and after turning off everything but those four tracks (well, 8 I suppose but I bounced each in to it's own bus), to me it was A great beautiful song I otherwise wouldn't of ever heard. I love it...and I fell in love with it from the acoustic mix. I will likely do a full mix one day (after getting raw tracks instead of stems), but I wanted to do something qu... (read more)
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Tho I like your mix a lot!,.... you can just hear theres something missing as the vocal melody is not comming from the gtr, violin or banjo. Kinda feels a little out of place with the sparse arrangement of only gtr, violin, banjo and vocals. To me it sounds too much like its sung to a click.... and there for it needs a little more.. whatever the click is drums, keys, bas I dont know!? just the melody that goes with the vocals.. hard to explain.. sry.
Would love to hear a full mix from you on this as this sounds damn good!.
Now I havent listened to the original version yet just your mix. Tho I have DL this myself to mix later,.... I hope when time permites.
So to sum up!, I like you mix!, but it feels to me like theres something missing as the vocals feels like they are sung to a differnet melody than the gtrs violin and banjo.
Plz dont take this as a rant :D your mix is really good and I enjoyed it.
Thx for sharing!  8)
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Vocals are really kicking my butt....drums....I play drums and now that I'm mixing them they do somewhat scare me. I just need....a LOT of practice...and probably need to crack a book or two and read about mixing methods because...honestly...I've never cracked a book relating to this audio stuff. I've read a handful of articles...but everything I've done has been based on either experience or trail and error....I'm completely self-taught. I'm trying.

But listening to people's rants are the only way I'll hone my skills.

When I started mixing it...I actually didn't mix it with the vocals...I worked on the main track first and then the after hearing the track about 4 dozen times, and being a bit of a guitarist myself (I had a plan one day of becoming a musician, just didn't pan out), I was able to pick up the rhythm and the vocals did seem to me. I probably could take some compression out of the guitar so it'd seem a bit more rhythmic...I might ... (read more)
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I did not listen to the Soundcloud mix nor did I watch the videos before I started my mix, so expect my mix to be quite different than it might have been intended to be ;-). I even cut away the "intro", because I thought it had been some random playing before the song actually started  ???
The recordings are rather nice (but do not sound like $40.000 worth of mics, I have to say... can be a matter of taste though) but are full of background noises like coughs, laughs and whatnot. Hmmm... I would want my fellow musicians to focus on playing their instruments while the tape is rolling.

I left in the drums, but tried to reduce the snare's "bongggg" quality with limited success.
The numerous chorus tracks got reduced down to like 4-5 voices.
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Listening to your mix tells me I REALLY need to download the raw tracks.

I could somewhat tell where you cut down on things..unlike me who was dealing with pre-mixed stems. I haven't heard the drums in the stems, in fact, this is the first time I've listened to the song in some form of full on mix. The background vocals seem to blend with the violin...I can tell they're there because of their panning...but it almost sounds like they're backing up the violins, as if the violin is trying to sing.

The drums could of been tuned down just a db or two...or maybe had a bit more compression. They blend really well, but to me...the snare sounds a bit....powerful. I suggest running something like maybe a 2:1 compression with something like a 24ms attack and 100ms release and play around with the threshold. They're not too horrible, I do like them...but at times I felt the rest of the toms were getting buried. The kick was perfect....only I might suggest not as much reverb. ... (read more)
Thanx again!
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Allrighty! did a mix of this today! :D
Great song with a few challenges! we like that! :D Thx for uploading.
The Choir thing to me sounded so off!, from everything else I simply could not make it work with all the vocals so I used 4 to make a progression back and forth that leads up to the Lap stell solo.
Man and that kick was HARD to to fit in without it taking over everything! ;D lots of sub and no difinition!.
Anyway was fun and challenging!, again thx for uploading ;D

Hope you like it
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Boy! mixed like a true rock and roll song :D
alittle too comperessed for my taste all tho it all sounds good and fits frequencywise. The drums just sounds like there is no dynamics at all.
Hehe I like it but alittle too much for my taste! ;D
Nice job!
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Dewdude: Great sound on the acoustic guitar. I get your acoustic style of mix for this track and think it works very well. I think the banjo and vocal harmony section kick in nicely although I feel that once the vocal harmonies end, the banjo can't quite carry the track onwards until the main vocal returns. Overall I think that there should be more dynamisism to the track than there is, the levels of the guitar & banjo could be automated to add a little extra detail and interest, also if you didn't want to run the full drum tracks, you could just use the old zildjan cymbal trakcs, I think they would add some depth if placed low in th e mix.

RiF: Good Mix. the kick is well controlled although my taste is for it to be a little higher in the mix as I feel its the heart of the track. The rest of the kit (and the drum buss on the whole) is a little too compressed for how I perceive this style of music should be, but this is a taste thing on my part, I am not a massive listener o... (read more)
my sphinter says what!? ;D
No idea what that means :D but I just used what I thought sounded best of the(many) vocals tracks and edited the tracks to get a back and forth feeling. Not sure what... (read more)
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Hi guys!

Thanks for a great song!

dewdude, RiF, MortenDK, great mixes.

Here's my take on the song. Tried to make it a bit more ethereal. The choral part was the most difficult to blend in with the rest of the song. Even considered to chop it off, but once I did it, I realized I missed it... :) Loved the pedal steel solo! In fact, tried to pass a bit of that tone to the DI pedal steel ;) And yes, MortenDK, the drums were hard...

Anyway, here it is. Hope you enjoy!