Any advice on mixing this song?

Anything I can improve?
A few notes I have:
-Rerecord performances due to scratchiness/timing
-Make drums more "human sounding"
-Turn down crash/other overheads
Any other input is greatly appreciated.

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I feel like the first critiques/compliments should always be natural one's. And then followed up with some technical ways to get there. That being said:

First "natural" feeling was drums felt off. Not human sounding as you say. Cymbals did seem pretty loud. Cymbals also seemed to "choke" the groove cause it feels like there's no sustain in those cymbals.

Next natural feeling was the snare felt small, in regards to its impact and addition.

Drums overall need some glue.

I can't tell if you've got some sort of ominous pad in the background music, or it that's just a summation of all the different reverbs. Whatever it is, it definitely gives it a vibe, it puts the song in a unique space, but its "wild" feeling. In other words it doesn't feel tamed and it can get a little overwhelming at times.

The song overall, ALMOST sounds "together", but its missing some glue.

I feel like bass can growl more, as in, from what I can hear, it sounds... (read more)